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Keep your hair lively between shampoos with this refreshing mist. It absorbs dirt and oil so hair looks and smells freshly done. It's the perfect travel and gym bag companion.


Lengthens the life of your blowout.

Keeps style lively between shampoos.

Absorbs dirt and oil so hair looks and smells freshly done.

A perfect travel and gym bag companion.

Created by celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai.

Used at the legendary Frédéric Fekkai Salons.

Part and lift sections of dry hair. Shake the product well and spray onto roots. Brush out and style as desired.

For longer hair, flip head upside down to tousle and work through the product with fingers.

"Many women feel it's impossible to do a blowout themselves. My formulas make a sleek, smooth look possible for every woman to achieve on her own."
- Frédéric Fekkai

Clogged after 1 use! Like others, I have had an issue with this product clogging/not spraying. I used it once and it worked fine, but every subsequent time it sprays either a tiny bit or not at all. I have tried rinsing, shaking - all to no avail. I like this product the one time it worked but never buying this again! August 10, 2015
Need unscented option This is a wonderful dry shampoo that refreshes hair beautifully. Any second day oiliness is gone and it adds a lovely shine and bounce to my hair with just the right amount of body and texture. I only wish there was a UNscented option as the fragrance is heavy and cloying. May 14, 2015
NEVER GOT TO USE, VERY DISSAPOINTED!! I ordered the dry shampoo full size & a travel size. When I tried to use the travel size while traveling it wouldn't spray! Thought just my luck I get a defective one & when I need it, it doesn't work. Was dissapointed but then what can I do? Well after that, the first time I tried to use the full size the same thing happened! I thought maybe the nozzles on both were clogged so I tried rinsing them. NG. Also both containers felt less than half full! I was so turned off I stopped purchasing the shampoo's & conditioners I use, the mousse, hair spray, glossing cream & spray & all the other products I've purchased for my daughter. They came together as a kit so I'm wondering if they were old stock, left on a shelf. May 1, 2015
Loved til it stopped working I bought it, used it once and it stopped working, the can the aerosol part. I first received this as a sample from a Birch Box and was ecstatic I finally found the product I had been searching for with a wonderful smell I told multiple people even recommending it. Then I went and spent the $20 for the large size and boom, nada, nothing. April 29, 2015
Useless disappointment I want to love this product, I really do. For the 4-5 times I used it, it worked great. I love the way it smells and feels in my hair, I love how easy it is to use, and it does exactly what a dry shampoo should. However, this product is ultimately a disappointment. After just a few uses, the aerosol runs out. I've had 2 different bottles of this (1 purchased from Target, and 1 purchased from Amazon), and both of them did the same thing. This leaves you with lots of product left in the can, and no way to use it. I've now seen several different reviews of other people having the same problem, so I know it's not just my bad luck. This purchase was a waste of money, and I will not be purchasing again unless Fekkai fixes the problem with their bottles. April 24, 2015
disappointing The product is probably okay but the delivery system was terrible. The spray was so strong that it made my hair wet and did not seem to deliver volume or refreshed hair. Halfway through the can, the spray nozzle gave out entirely, making my $20 purchase worthless. I will not be buying this again. March 3, 2015
BOTTLE DOES NOT WORK!!! I love the product, but it needs to be in a different container! After one use, the nozzle stopped working and nothing would come out. I called customer service and they informed me to put it under warm water...I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS EVERY TIME I NEED TO USE THE PRODUCT!!! I will not purchase this product again until Fekkai uses a higher quality container. February 3, 2015
The Nozzle is cheap and doesn't work! I love this product. Do not get me wrong. It makes my hair look like I just showered and blow-dried and makes my hair bouncy and shiny. It is great. BUT. The nozzle that they use for the product does not last!! I have bought a full and travel size, both have about 75% product left, but no longer spray no matter how much I try to clean the nozzle. It's such a shame! January 14, 2015
truly Refreshing savior!! This is my first product I used from Fekkai. I am not the person who likes artificial fragrances in my cosmetics, but this product stands out. Not a fan of dry shampoos either, but used it (and will use it) when my hair needed a cleanse and I was short of time. Like other dry shampoos, it does not leave a white residue behind or has a strong overpowering smell. It adds shine and volume to my hair when I use it as prescribed.I also like the fact that it stays all day long ( up to two days for me) and after that you don't feel a coarse layer on ur hair( so u are in no rush to shampoo again). For me, I am not planning to use it in my routine but this will definitely be a companion in road trips and bad days! November 26, 2014
LOVE I received this product complimentary from Fekkai and Influenster for testing purposes. I absolutely love this product it works so well to soak up the oils in your hair and the best thing is the amazing fragrance of this product!!! It smells amazing and works amazing also!!!!! I love it! November 25, 2014
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